Bag Sealing Machine TP BSM 101

TP-BSM-101 pneumatic plastic film bag sealing machine is suitable for sealing plastic bag and complex bag which length is less than 750mm and weight is less than 50kg.This machine adopts pressed air as motion, the sealing mouth pressure is adjustable. Quality is stable and reliable. It can be operated easily by manual or foot pedal switch. It can work matching with production line and transport platform.

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Product Description

Model TP-BSM101
Power Supply(V/Hz) AC 220V/50Hz
Power 500w
Air Pressuring Machine Customer offer themselves
Sealing length Less than 750mm
Sealing width Less than10mm
The distance from Sealing point to ground 1120mm
Film Thickness <= 0.10mm
Bag Height 450-750mm
Maximum Sealing Mouth Load 50kg
The adjustable angle of pressing head 20°
Dimension Size (L*W*H)) 1100 x 530 x 1340mm
Net Weight 130kg


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