Inclined Screw Conveyor With Vibrating Hopper Mode HZ

This Vibrating Screw Charging Machine can convey sorts of material. Combined with the package-machine of our company, it can do material situation tracing. Also can be used separately. Complete machine made in stainless steel, except for the motors.

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  • Vibrating screw feeding machine is composed of double motor, feeding motor, vibrating motor and each switch control.
  • Hopper is vibrational which make material to be flowing easily, and the size of hopper can be changed. It is good to material.
  • Hopper is separate from twisting shaft. Structure is reasonable and easily loading and unloading.
  • Characteristic dustproof, all the material except motor is made of Ss304, which won’t be polluted by the dust and powder.

To cleanup scrapped materials conveniently and design the machine to be: Discharging the material reversely, storing materials at the bottom of hopper pipe, releasing the stored material from door.

Product Description

Main Specification HZ-2A2 HZ-2A3 HZ-2A5 HZ-2A7 HZ-2A8 HZ-2A12
Charging Capacity 2m3/h 3m3/h 5m3/h 7m3/h 8m3/h 12m3/h
Diameter of pipe Ø102 Ø114 Ø141 Ø159 Ø168 Ø219
Hopper Volume 100L 200 L 200L 200L 200L 200L
Power Supply 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz
Total Power 610W 810W 1560W 2260W 3060W 4060W
Total Weight 100kg 130Kg 170Kg 200Kg 220Kg 270Kg
Overall Dimensions of Hopper 720x620x800mm 1023 ×820×900mm
Charging Height Standard 1.85M, 1-5M could be designed and manufactured.
Charging angle Standard 45degree,30-60 degree are also available
Inclined Screw Conveyor With Vibrating Hopper Mode HZ
Inclined Screw Conveyor With Vibrating Hopper Mode HZ


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