Vertical Liquid Packing Machine

This machine is suitable for packing liquid materials of paste stuff, such as shampoo, lotion oil, soy sauce, jam honey, etc.

The whole machine is made of stainless steel. Material contact parts can be S.S316L.

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  • Full stainless steel 304 material
  • PLC control and all function is displayed with digital screen.
  • The processes of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and hot pressing codes can be done automatically.
  • Photoelectric and tracing system or PLC system can be provided without your specific requirements. The PLC controller has the advantages such as setting the length of the bag, the out put alarm and the speed and quantity with buttons.
  • Print automatically the 1-3 lines code and shelf life with ink wheel code printer Paper /PE, PT/PE, PET/plated AL/PE, PET/PE, BOPP film, tea-leaf filtering paper and other heatable sealed laminates films etc.

Product Description

Model TP-LF-V300
Method of Measurement Plunger pump or needle valve pump
Range of Measurement


0-100ml, 50-150ml
50-200ml ( made accordingly)
Packing Speed 20-40(bag/min
Bag Size


(L):30-1mmBag size can be lengthened according to customer requirement
Total Power 1600W
Voltage 380V or 220V or made accordingly
Machine Weight 250kg
Machine Size 930x730x1700mm


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